Aida Film was founded in 1990 by Phoenix Fataneh Nik-Khakian with the ambition to make both film and TV from idea to finished film and television production, often with animation as a profile but also documentary film. Aida Film’s activities also include assignments in film, media and drama pedagogy as well as film journalism. Depending on the different nature of the projects, Aida Film associates people with different competences in among other things, film, TV and theater.

Phoenix Fataneh Nik-Khakian has a broad academic study and work experience in the cultural field, especially in film and photography from three different continents (Asia, Europe, Australia). She is a filmmaker, cultural scientist as well as drama, theater and media teacher. When it comes to film, her competence covers almost the entire film sphere: from practitioners to educators, from director to photo and film teacher, but also as a negative editor, visionary, film reviewer and film consultant. In addition, Phoenix Fataneh Nik-Khakian has been hired as investigator and method developer in the field. Phoenix Fataneh has done several short and documentary films. More about that under the Production tab.
All texts, pictures and films on Aida Film’s website are created by Phoenix Fataneh Nik-Khakian unless otherwise stated.