FilmFront Friday

Welcome to FilmFront Friday! My name is Phoenix Fataneh Nik-Khakian and I am a filmmaker, cultural studies practitioner and a drama, theater, and media instructor. You can read more about me under About Aida Film. I previously wrote movie reviews for Sesam magazine, and I plan to start writing about film again, but this time on my blog FilmFront Friday. A good reason to start a film blog now is that the Stockholm Film Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, 2014. Its first year, 1990, was also the year that my first short film, Persia, was screened in Sweden on Filmens Dag, for the precursor to the Stockholm International Film Festival.

Every Friday in the future, I will publish a movie review, an audio-visual report or some other interesting article about film on my blog. I will rate movies with the letter rate-a as in Skärmklipp aidafilm2. A single rate-a is the lowest and rate-arate-arate-arate-arate-a is the highest rating.

Enjoy reading and watching!

Phoenix Fataneh



Fataneh is a Persian name and it means two completely different things, both of which I identify with: One meaning is fragrant acacia and the other is rebellion. I usually say that I am a rebellious-scented acacia. And Phoenix means reborn / rejuvenated. Thus, reborn / rejuvenated scented acacia.